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Archive for February, 2010

Adult Ecommerce SEO Tips

Friday, February 5th, 2010

We have recieved a ton of inquiries lately from adult toy and video Ecommerce sites, so we thought it might be helpful to give some tips on how you can improve your adult Ecommerce website.

Platform Selection
Ecommerce platforms are typically limiting in terms of SEO and you can’t assume that your chosen package has all the features we would look for in an SEO friendly platform. The most common platforms that we have seen are OSCommerce, Volusion, Microsoft Commerce Server,, Magento and a slew of  smaller, less used carts and ecommerce platoforms.  Each has plusses and minuses and rather than compare the platforms side by side, we are going to review the features that we think are essential for success in the search engines with your adult toy or adult video ecommerce site.

Editable Fields
In an ideal world, we would be able to edit every piece of code on every page of an ecommerce site to match what is ideal for the search engines, but with most dynamic ecommerce sites, this is not the case. There are a number of editable fields that we think are essential.

  • The title tag. Widely thought to hold more credit than any other onsite SEO factor, your title tag needs to be editable to have success on an adult Ecommerce site. The tag can typically be defined at the product pages by a naming convention and we have found success with “Product Name | Site Name”. The more words you put here the more you dillute the weight placed on the other words so it is really a case of less is more with this one, though the character limit of the tag is 60-80 characters.
  • The meta description tag. This is the tag that displays in the search engine result pages just below the link to your site. This can help to really increase click-thru rates if written with enticing ad copy. For adult ecommerce product pages, a naming convention can be defined for this and we have found success using a snippet of the product description. Character limits for this tag are 150.
  • The H1 tag. Your target keyword for the page should be mentioned at least once in this tag for optimal SEO benefit. This tells the search engines what this page is about. With Ecommerce sites, we have found success making the category name / product name the target keyword for that page and making that page reflect that automatically in the H1 tag.
  • Link sculpting with categories. You have lots of different categories in most Ecommerce website and it is only realistic for you to gain high rank for a portio of these categories. Using keyword research tools, we identify the top categories for your site and then utilize nofollow tags to sculpt the passing of pagerank from page to page.

The best solution is to send us an email at hello at adultseoblog and we will get back to you with some customized recommendations for your site.