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  • The adultSEOblog is run by of a group of savvy online marketing professional that know search. We have all worked as SEO pros, some as adult webmasters, some for large ad agencies, and some for web design companies. We understand how the SEO process works in extremely competitive verticals, such as online commerce, insurance, finance and travel in addition to adult. Some of us still run extremely successful non – adult SEO companies and ad agencies, which is why you will not see executive bios on this page. We attend every industry conference and are located in San Diego, CA, so if you are in the area or at a conference please let us meet with you personally or over the phone, so you can quickly see that we are professional, we know our business through and through and we want to help you succeed.

Service Commitment

  • Our commitment to Service. We understand that as a service provider, we have to work and perform consistently to keep you happy. We understand that you have multiple options to handle your adult SEO needs, and we aim to personally consult with you on your website and then exceed your expectations in a customized plan. We work individually with each client to make sure that you are confident that your investment in your site is a reasonable and sound business decision. We have high standards of service quality, and aim to show that to each and every client, large and small.

Compliance and Standards

  • Compliance and Standards. The adult industry has an additional set of marketing standards that must be adhered to. Especially with Google’s liberal use of the “legal request removals” lately we are seeing entire sites banned from the search results all together. We have a solid understanding of the major search engines terms of use surrounding adult topics and materials and we comply carefully with their mandated standards and best practices. We aim to follow techniques that only increase google and other engines trust in your website and to date we have not had a site “sandboxed” or removed from googles ranks due to a legal request, even in some controversial adult topic areas.

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