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Producing and Directing Adult Videos

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Dave Cumming ( produces, directs and stars in adult videos. He also owns over 14,000 domain names, including approximately 9,000 adult names. He gave some information on how to produce adult videos. This is a summary from his seminar at Cybernet Expo 2009.

He started off by talking about fluffers. He said that in todays industry, it is rare to see a fluffer and it is usually the guys responsibility.

Dave discussed the concept of whackability…this is different for everybody. For a female or a couple it might be real emotions that need touching / feeling / caressing. For a guy it might just be straight sex. The adult industry has many different nivhes, and you should make sure you are supporting something that the buying public wants.

He mentioned the tube sites are a huge factor in movies not being valuable after production. He said that in reality that until the industry can get ahold of the privacy issue, the production profits are not as impressive as you might think.

As a producer, you need to build a relationship with a distributor as well as a fufillment company to ship. They will be familiar with the zip code specific lawas surrounding where they can and cant ship to.

He mentioned that the key word to define male talent is functionality…

By scheduling at 1:30 in the afternoon, you can avoid paying catering.

A videographer will typically charge around $200 a scene. For a whole day he said to plan on $600-800. He mentioned around $150 per scene for a stills photographer or $300-400 a shoot. For talent, he quoted around $200 for a guy and around $800 for a girl per scene.

Put the girls name on the bathroom door and that is 100% her own bathroom. Have a clean bathroom for her to wear.

CED cable entertainment can help to get your videos distributed online. This will cost you a little bit more for editing, because you will need to keep it compliant with what cable does and does not allow. He mentioned that a good cable movie will sell for 10-15k.

He also mentioned hiring a consultant that would charge $200-300/hr is a way to get all of the info about this.
He suggested doing a video interview for the 2257 law. Questions he mentioned filming in a conversational setting included:

  • How old are you, asking more than once
  • Is this your ID?
  • Are you under the influence of anything?
  • Is this your health test? (Make sure that she has reviewed a copy of the partners health test and it is wise to keep a copy of this. )
  • Are you in agreement that we will be doing these things today and that in exchange you will be paid $xxx.

Highlight the model release. She needs to sign before she starts the shoot.

The biggest reason that Dave gets police at shoots is because of parking trouble.

If there is a boyfriend on set, its important that she does not hold back her enthusiasm because of her guy on shoot.

If the girl needs cash, make out a check to cash, have her sign and then cash it.

He emphasized that you should not hit on the girl multiple times or have anyone in the set hit on them.

Make sure that the talent is not taking drugs or drinking and that cell phones are off.

He recommended pina colada mix for cumshot scenes. Centaphil is a lotion that you can use to simluate a cumshot.

He recommended to keep pushing the girl to look like she is having fun.

Slicks are the pages handed out at the AVN expo and typically you will list all of your videos here.

He gave some useful industry related websites:

  • — a 3 day class
  • — speakers site
  • — major talent agency
  • — major talent agency
  • — long-time talent agency
  • — adult industry trade organization
  • adult health care testing
  • — news and gossip
  • –news and gossip
  • — information forums
  • — information forums
  • — message forum with talent / public / insiders posting
  • — vod site
  • — vod site
  • –vod site
  • — film making wholesale supplier
  • — adult resource site
  • — adult film news
  • — adult film news

He gave an artist agreement and release example here:

Adult Artist Agreement and Release

Adult Artist Agreement and Release