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Building Adult Sites With WordPress

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Should you build your site with wordpress is the big question that many first time or even experienced adult webmasters are asking about their new projects. There are several considerations, administration, seo and cost.In this post we will be comparing WordPress to the other popular alternative, Joomla.

Starting with administration, wordpress is hands down the easiest content management system available. You cannot find a simpler more user friendly interface to continually update and modify your webpages. This will generally make it easier for you to login, manipulate your content and add / remove sections as needed.  Joomla has a slightly more complex and less user friendly interafce that can sometimes be harder for non-technical users to get their heads around. There is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that allows you to type in the all important text based content that helps to rank your site. You can add links, photos, video to your template using a Microsoft Word style text editor. Joomla also includes a WYSIWYG editor with more ability to manipulate individual settings when uploading images for example. WordPress is more of a plug and play solution while more advanced technical users sometimes enjoy the multiple settings offered by most Joomla actions. The plugin community has been around for Joomla longer than WordPress so is a bit more robust, with more options and out of the box functionality acessible directly through the Joomla drop down menus.   That said, WordPress offeres more than the average adult webmaster will need and for most users it represents an ideal solution for a CMS.

For SEO, wordpress is very easy to customize. We recommend installing the “All in one SEO Pack , which is the best SEO one that we have worked with. Some SEO friendly features that we really like about wordpress include:

  • The ability to completely control URL strings. This is an important way for you to tell the search engines information about your pages.
  • The ability to completely control title tags and meta tags and overwrite naming conventions you have set on select individual pages.
  • The ability to have non-duplicate tags when installing out of the box.
  • The ability to control sitewide naming conventions with variables, so that every page title can read keyword | sitename for example.

The third consideration is cost. When you factor in the cost of a web designer performing continual updates and installing specialized scripts to write SEO naming conventions it is usually easier to build your site on a CMS like WordPress. Designers will charge more for the initial build of the site, but you are paying up front for the ability to make changes in the future that can save you a ton down the road. Specialized wordpress web designers will usually have templates that they work with that can simplify and reduce cost in the development process.

Contact Us for recommendations on adult WordPress web designers that we have worked with.

Adult SEO for 18+ Warning Pages

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

A hugely popular problem (enough of one that we will write a full article about it in the Adult SEO Guide at some point), is getting your keyword density and frequency into your 18+ warning pages.

Keep in mind that SEO principles stand true even on these basic warning pages and that you still have the opportunity to display optimal keyword density and frequency to google and the other engines. For a discussion of different SEO ranking factors and to help you determine what does and doesn’t matter, see this guide: It basically goes through all of the different metrics that google and other engines use to rank web pages and categorizes these different parts of the page into a tier of importance. Again and again you will see the title tag showing as the most important SEO element, though we still come across sites (and work with companies) who have nonsensical title tags that have no significance to the keywords the site is trying to rank for. Accordingly, you can easily overdo this and have a title tag that just looks spammy and overdone to google with too many keywords. A good guideline is less is more. The more keywords you put into your tags, the more it dilutes the rank of the other tags on your page.

So how do you optimize your landing page to rank for your target terms? Well, call us on 1-866-253-9699.; Just kidding, though that wouldn’t hurt and would save you alot of trouble and time. For those of you that want to do it yourself, you can still use target keywords and tags that google recognizes on these warning pages. The same principles apply. You can display the legal text in an iframe to keep it offsite, or you can display it as an image. The words around this policy can be keyword rich, and you can certainly link build to this page the same way that you would with any other page on your site. One technique used by us and alot of adult SEO professionals is to create lots of additional content in front of this warning page. Not content that can get you in trouble, just enough text that google sees your content and can rank it appropriately. You don’t see thumbnail galleries for example getting penalized for allowing hotlinks without a warning page, even from top tier sites.

Hope those tips help and feel free to contact us for a free review of your particular landing page situation if it is a tricky one.

Understanding Fetish and Niche Content

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

This is a summary from  a Cybernet  Expo 2009 seminar.

The speakers for this panel included Monica from, James Medina from, Mollena Williams from, Randy Caldwell / housekeeper from, Chris Marcus / Barefootsies from and Rob Keleszar from and

Generally the feedback in the Fetish and Niche Market is that it definitely helps to truly be into the particular fetish that you are marketing to be able to target your content appropriately. However, the genral concensus was that you should actively solicit feedback from your customers. With female oriented content for example, it helps to know that there are women behind the site.

Most of the panel members were personally into particular fetishes before they started their sites.

For Kink and Fetish things, it is generally good to be aware of where in the spectrum your content lies or how serious a particular visitor is about their fetish. Typically very specific niches have very loyal audiences that communicate back to the other people in that fetish. Fetish events are always good for this and there are very specific ones available.

ChameleonSubmitter was mentioned as a tool to submit photos for a TGP.

SEO for fetish and niche sites is a topic area that really involves learning and understanding the terminology used since SEO is generally keyword driven. As emphasized by the panelist, it is important when selecting keywords to speak to an expert in the niche. Keyword research tools that are adult/fetish term friendly can help to discern what targets are getting traffic and how the competition looks for each. Getting your first good “seed” terms is an important part of this process, as is monitoring web analytics data.

Designing Effective Adult Websites

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Kevin Godbee with web 3.0 internet consulting gave a seminar on designing effective adult websites at Cybernet Expo 2009. This is a summary of his talk.

WordPress design
He covered all the obvious bases like defining the purpose of your site. Covered wordpress as a CMS and how good it is (AdultSEOblog is built on wordpress…and I am blogging in wordpress right now…he is definitely right…drupal as a CMS is a pain).

1200 pixels wide is his design standard for width, which is wider than the norm. Looking at web analytics data, we can see traffic on our clients sites are 90%+ 1000 pixels wide, so you are not alienating alot of users by following this. We usually recommend 960 as a norm so you are not pushing away the large number of users that are still on 1024. We are beyond the days of 800×600. Those users are going to be used to a little scrolling anyway.

He recommended putting the legal text in graphics for search engines so it is not spidered. We also usually exclude these pages using the robots.txt file so that the page load time is not affected. Mentioned using an iframe for legal text on a warning page as a way to exclude this content from spidering.

Talked about Ajax for popping up photos. We also use Ajax with success for putting text over images that is stylized. Ajax is really cool technology that we use extensively for our clients.

Adult SEO tips
He gave some very basic SEO tips. See our Adult SEO Guide for some really good tips in this area. was recommended as a good example of a quality site that has modern search functionality.

He recommended high frequency of updates and multiple methods to search through content.  He said that content is king and you should not design for SEO.  One point on this is that it is important to form a well done domain development plan with a directory strucutre and architecture that incorporates professional keyword research.

Kevin Goodbee mentioned that generally informational sites rank better than ecommerce sites.  I would give a note that ecommerce site can easily rank high with the large number of products if the descriptions are good and you have great content about products.  With 600 products and a good directory structure, you have 600+ pages which is a nice starting point.   As a company,  adultseoblog has alot of experience with ecommerce and one key choice is your platform.  We have tested most of the major ecommerce platforms and can give some good advice in this area.