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The Adult Image Optimization Guide

Getting your website adult images found in image search engines like Google Image Search can represent a huge boost to your websites traffic. How is this done? It is certainly more complex than changing the image names and alt tags.

Choose The Right Keywords
The first step in any image optimization strategy is to perform comprehensive keyword research. Tools like Wordtracker, Keyword Universe, AdGooroo, Google Trends and Insights, the search engine result pages and your own web analytics data are great starting points.

Think Like a Spider
After you have your target keywords, you need to think like a search engine spider. Basically Google and all other search engines are trying to find the most relevant content matching a users search query. So a search for “bit tit sex photos” is not only looking for a photo called big-tit-sex-photo.jpg with an alt tag that reads the same or a similar thing on a page without a bunch of photos with name and alt tag saying the same thing, but an actual page with a high trust rating that has a folder structure, incoming anchor text links, text, captions, meta data and other on page cues that let the engines know what that image represents. This is a tricky game, where there is a fine balance between too much and too little. Generally a page with a higher trust rating and quality incoming links can do more with less, while a untrusted page will have to work a little harder and be more specific with text on the page, captions, anchor text, meta content folder structure.

URL Strings
You will find that Google tends to favor quality URL strings which give as much information as possible about the image. For example, if our website containing “big tit sex photos” is, a URL string reading 

will rank much better than

This is because it gives Google and the other search engines much more information about the content on that page. They see a clear hierarchy and know that jenna is a big-tit subcategory with the parent category or sex-photos.  Most content management systems in the adult industry need adjustment in this area. Dynamically generated pages with query strings are a huge no-no, as Google and other spiders frequently cannot even follow the URLs, much less read what is on the individual pages to try to rank the content. We usually implement mod-rewrites (if you are on apache) or an IIS URL rewriting tool that specifies keyword rich URLs with a hierarchal folder structure.

Image Names
This specificity holds true for image names and as well as URL strings, though this area can easily be overdone. The IMG SRC string should when possible, contain your target keyword or phrase. It is generally better to keep a consistent hierarchal folder structure rather than name the image big-tit-sex-photo.jpg.  In this way, you can rank a large set of images for similar terms without appearing like you are keyword stuffing your image names.

ALT Tags
Always use an ALT tag! This is an easy one and some sites are still overlooking this simple rule. Generally when you are using multiple words in the ALT tag it is better to put the keyword in quotes and separate it with spaces. So, if your image ALT tag is Big Tit Sex Photo, your ALT tag would read <img alt=”Big Tit Sex Photo”.

Page Content
Just like with on site code optimization, page content is important to image optimization. Google and other image search engines look at the text surrounding images, the trust ratings of the page, the keywords and phrases the rest of the page is optimized for, the incoming links to the page and their anchor text, meta content and a myriad of other factors in their algorithm. You have the best chance of ranking if your page with the image of the big tit sex photo is actually about related words like breasts, has high trust in Google’s eyes and is not full of other images named tit-sex-photo, tit-shot-sex-photo and other over saturation and keyword stuffing.

The Proof
Sure enough, the Google image search for big tit sex photo pulls up some trusted content, none of which are named the exact search term big-tit-sex-photo.jpg.

Google Search

We named this image big-tit-sex-photo.jpg
we’ll see how that does.

The fact that only a few adult sites pop up under this search even with the adult filter off bring us to our next adult SEO Guide topic:

Understanding Google’s Adult Filter


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