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Comparing Adult SEO to PPC Costs

The following trends are not specific to a particular adult niche, but are typical results for top quality, analytically driven adult SEO.

  • Adult SEO is consistently able to offer lower costs than adult PPC (through channels such as Google Adwords).
  • The costs of adult SEO decreases during higher seasons (because AdultSEOblog does not raise their prices), where as Google tends to increase especially during X-Mas if you sell things.
  • Adult SEO has lasting benefit. The great majority of the improvements (and traffic) would remain if they decided to stop paying for adult SEO consultation, whereas if they cut off CPC funding the traffic would have stopped immediately. Put simply, adult SEO builds capital for your business, whereas adult PPC simply pushes traffic one-time, with no interest bearing benefits.
  • Whereas many vendors are seeing adult PPC costs increase over time, the cost per click of adult SEO decreases over time. This is because each month you are able to build on the successes of the one before, whereas no benefits accrue in CPC.
  • Overall organic adult SEO virtually always shows more clicks per dollar than adult PPC, especially mid to long term.

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