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How To Create A Sitemap

In this SEO guide, we will explain how to create a sitemap.xml file and submit it to Google.

Create A Sitemap
The first step is to goto a site that has a nice sitemap generation service like This will auto create a sitemap for your domain. Be sure to enter in www before the domain. This stands true for all pages of the site. You need to pick either www or no www for sitemaps, webmaster tools, your link building strategy and internal links on your site. When you are running the sitemap generator be sure to select auto-priority. You have the ability to assign priorities to each page of your site, so you could have your homepage as 1 and your contact page as 0.2 if you wanted Google to see your homepage as higher priority (most people would :) ). After the sitemap is generated, save the xml file it outputs.

Upload Your Sitemap
Step 2 is to login to upload the file it generates to your site. Put it on the root directory of the site, so it should appear on

Submit Your Sitemap To Google
Step 3 is to login to Google webmaster tools here Add your site, set the location of your sitemap.xml file and thats it! You have just told Google and the other engines where to find every single page in the site. Adult sites with tour pages sometimes will not be able to achieve great results with the automated search engine spiders, since they wont crawl past the password screens, so you will have to give URLs that go directly to internal pages, or type out the sitemap yourself if you want these pages included in the Google index. Sites with a splash warning page will sometimes benefit from setting the first internal page to a higher sitemap priority than the warning page.


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