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Adult Image Optimization Services

With as much as 90% of a sites traffic (with a TGP – Thumbnail Gallery Post or other all image site) coming from Google Image Search alone, you can recognize the importance of optimizing your images. Especially in the adult industry, making sure that your images are visible to Google and other engines increasing your chances to rank high for top adult industry keywords and phrases.

How we do adult image optimization

Plan our image optimization strategy

Using the knowledge gained in our keyword research phase, we come up with a plan to:
#1 increase the visibility of your images to Google, Yahoo and other search engines
#2 improve the ability of search engine spiders to crawl through and recognize the meaning of your images

Apply adult seo to your images

We alter code around your images appropriately in a way that maximizes exposure to image search engines. Specifically, we will rename images where appropriate, add alt tags, change folder structures, convert flash images to a searchable image format where possible, add internal anchor text, change link structures and add metadata reveals more about what your images contain to Google and the other search engines without appearing spammy or artificial.

Why our method is the best:

With image search driving so much traffic and the importance of images in the adult website world, you can’t afford to wait on image optimization. There is more to image optimization than naming images and adding alt tags. Google even says itself

Google analyzes the text on the page adjacent to the image, the image caption and dozens of other factors to determine the image content. Google also uses sophisticated algorithms to remove duplicates and ensure that the highest quality images are presented first in your results.”

We understand how Google Image Search works and have a methodology that will help your images to rank and drive more traffic. Inferior techniques can lead to decreased trust in your website and even ending up in the Google sandbox. Keyword stuffing in image names and alt tags are particularly touchy topics in Google’s eyes, so it is important to use best practices in the adult image optimization strategy.


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