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Adult Keyword Research Services

How we do adult keyword research

Generate seed keyword research terms

Consult with you to understand your business and your niche. We generate a list with you that represents your “ideal” set of keyword and phrases you would like to rank for.

Web analytics interpretation

We look at your current web analytics solution to see where you are getting your traffic from on the unpaid search engine result pages.

Create a master adult keyword list

We use the information gained in step 1 and 2 along with our keyword research tools to generate a master keyword list representing all possible keyword and phrase options by category.

Apply keyword data by category

By category, we append data to keywords including search volume, competition, est traffic and how competitive the first page of google is for that term.

Narrow keyword targets

We use the data to help us narrow our keyword targets. At this point we will usually consult with you to help select our final keywords and phrases.

Why our adult keyword research method is the best:

SEO is based on targeting keywords and phrases that have a good balance of traffic to competition in your niche. Selecting the wrong keywords and phrases can lead to not ranking in that target because it is too competitive or ranking high for low traffic keywords and phrases that don’t produce revenue. We have an understanding of the types of terms that convert for different types of sites and an intimate knowledge of how the different keyword research tools work. Different tools have particularities that will sometimes skew data. Only by frequently using all of the tools, optimizing and tracking results can you really see what the upsides and downsides are to each.

We have developed a proprietary VB application that streamlines our keyword research process. It uses metrics that we have defined from optimizing a large sample of sites to help trim your keyword and phrase lists down to the targets that are likely to rank and generate traffic streams.

The best way to learn more about our keyword research process is to fill out our contact form so we can evaluate your site and recommend the keyword research methods that would be most appropriate for your niche. There is no charge to have us look at your site and perform a basic review of your current keyword strategy.


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