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Adult Web Analytics Services

How is your website working now and how can we get it to produce more revenue? By setting up an infrastructure that allows us to carefully monitor trends in traffic, actions on site and search ranks, we can tell exactly what is and isn’t working on your adult website.

Our expertise enables us to recommend custom solutions by client. Search engine optimzation is different from site to site. So different, that we laugh when we see packaged SEO programs that offer 10, 20 or 30 keywords on the first page for a set price. Our programs are custom tailored to your industry, your site, your goals and your budget

How we do adult web analytics and reporting

Install a web analytics package

We install a robust web analytics package on your website. If you already have Google Analytics installed, we can help to setup conversion tracking goals, advanced filters and help to interpret that data into actionable recommendations. Clients that need more accuracy that Google Analytics provides with affiliates or other programs that need exact traffic metrics may need a log file based web analytics package. We have done basic web log analytics installations all the way up to a full blown E-Commerce installation of Web Trends.

Setup weekly seo reports

We setup reports that run weekly on your target keywords and phrases. By comparing your ranks across search engines, to your competition and to the previous weeks results we can reveal trends that allow us to see what is and is not working with your search engine optimization strategy.

Implement plans based on your website data

Using web analytics data and search ranks reports, we can come up with a plan to improve your site revenue in key traffic channels.

Why our method is the best:

We know how to setup your custom analytics solution in a way that allows you to gain the maximum benefit from the data. Using advanced techniques such as A/B page testing, conversion path analysis and custom filtering, we can test and find the optimal way to maximize revenue from each and every visitor to your site. We are accountable every step of the way and your monthly reports will show you exactly what is and isn’t working.

Out web analytics services can help you to recognize the differences between paid traffic sources and help you to channel your design to drive users towards conversion.


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