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Sustainable Organic Traffic Generation

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Lisa Weinberger ran a seminar on SEO at the Cybernet Expo 2009. This is a summary from her talk.  Her company is PearlyWrites,  an SEO firm that is focused on copywriting.

The have some focus on adult, though it does not appear to be the primary focus of their company.  Overall, there were some technical gaps in the presentation and some points that could be improved.  I think AdultSEOblog needs to start speaking at these conferences…

Future blog post:  List of the different social bookmarking and social media sites that are adult friendly.

Project Management Tools
There was some talk about different project managment applications used by their team and members of the audience such as Basecamp, Activecollab, Harvest and Google Sites.  Here at AdultSEOblog, we have used basecamp with harvest and have sucessfully navigated some pretty large team based development projects.

Adult Link Building Resources:

  • literotica was mentioned as a good forum for link building.
  • FetLife got mentioned by a person in the audience and seconded as a good resource for BDSM sites.
  • Backpage was mentioned as a place to post ads.
  • and were mentioned as good webmaster directories.

SEO Resources

  • SEOquake was mentioned as an SEO plugin. We use the SEO book plugin seo for firefox and really like it.
  • seosamurai was mentioned as a good SEO blog.

Thesis for wordpress allows you to make your own themes if you are using it as blogging / CMS software like AdultSEOblog is.

Twitter is a good twitter directory. is also for a person that uses it for social media marketing  and needs to use multiple twitter account. is another one and a tweet scheduler is