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Designing Effective Adult Websites

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Kevin Godbee with web 3.0 internet consulting gave a seminar on designing effective adult websites at Cybernet Expo 2009. This is a summary of his talk.

WordPress design
He covered all the obvious bases like defining the purpose of your site. Covered wordpress as a CMS and how good it is (AdultSEOblog is built on wordpress…and I am blogging in wordpress right now…he is definitely right…drupal as a CMS is a pain).

1200 pixels wide is his design standard for width, which is wider than the norm. Looking at web analytics data, we can see traffic on our clients sites are 90%+ 1000 pixels wide, so you are not alienating alot of users by following this. We usually recommend 960 as a norm so you are not pushing away the large number of users that are still on 1024. We are beyond the days of 800×600. Those users are going to be used to a little scrolling anyway.

He recommended putting the legal text in graphics for search engines so it is not spidered. We also usually exclude these pages using the robots.txt file so that the page load time is not affected. Mentioned using an iframe for legal text on a warning page as a way to exclude this content from spidering.

Talked about Ajax for popping up photos. We also use Ajax with success for putting text over images that is stylized. Ajax is really cool technology that we use extensively for our clients.

Adult SEO tips
He gave some very basic SEO tips. See our Adult SEO Guide for some really good tips in this area. was recommended as a good example of a quality site that has modern search functionality.

He recommended high frequency of updates and multiple methods to search through content.  He said that content is king and you should not design for SEO.  One point on this is that it is important to form a well done domain development plan with a directory strucutre and architecture that incorporates professional keyword research.

Kevin Goodbee mentioned that generally informational sites rank better than ecommerce sites.  I would give a note that ecommerce site can easily rank high with the large number of products if the descriptions are good and you have great content about products.  With 600 products and a good directory structure, you have 600+ pages which is a nice starting point.   As a company,  adultseoblog has alot of experience with ecommerce and one key choice is your platform.  We have tested most of the major ecommerce platforms and can give some good advice in this area.