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Opportunities For Women In The Adult Industry

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

This gives an overview of some different women working in the adult industry. This is a summary from  a Cybernet  Expo 2009 seminar.

Shay Laren
Shay Laren has a website called She first got into the business when she was living in Maui and she ran into a girl that was another Penthouse Pet. She got some pictures taken and then eventually was the June 2006 Penthouse Pet of the month. Now she has her own solo site with the medium pimpin affiliate program.

Roxxie from got into adult as an exotic dancer. She first started working after living in Japan, when she was looking for a good way to make money.  That led her into porn and now she works both in front of and behind the camera. She was working for a site and eventualy got more and more into photography.

Ashley Fires
Ashley Fires who has her own website got into the adult industry by dancing as an exotic dancer in Vegas. She was first approached by to be their spokesmodel. After that she got in the business as a spokesmodel and starting attending shows, which led her to work for some of the largest adult companies in the world.

Hone Lynn
Hone Lynn from has been on Howard Stern and started off in the adult industry by creating her own solo site in 1998. She has now made the transition into the business side of adult. She had to run everything in her solo site, so she had a natural progression into running the business side of things.