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Understanding Fetish and Niche Content

This is a summary from  a Cybernet  Expo 2009 seminar.

The speakers for this panel included Monica from, James Medina from, Mollena Williams from, Randy Caldwell / housekeeper from, Chris Marcus / Barefootsies from and Rob Keleszar from and

Generally the feedback in the Fetish and Niche Market is that it definitely helps to truly be into the particular fetish that you are marketing to be able to target your content appropriately. However, the genral concensus was that you should actively solicit feedback from your customers. With female oriented content for example, it helps to know that there are women behind the site.

Most of the panel members were personally into particular fetishes before they started their sites.

For Kink and Fetish things, it is generally good to be aware of where in the spectrum your content lies or how serious a particular visitor is about their fetish. Typically very specific niches have very loyal audiences that communicate back to the other people in that fetish. Fetish events are always good for this and there are very specific ones available.

ChameleonSubmitter was mentioned as a tool to submit photos for a TGP.

SEO for fetish and niche sites is a topic area that really involves learning and understanding the terminology used since SEO is generally keyword driven. As emphasized by the panelist, it is important when selecting keywords to speak to an expert in the niche. Keyword research tools that are adult/fetish term friendly can help to discern what targets are getting traffic and how the competition looks for each. Getting your first good “seed” terms is an important part of this process, as is monitoring web analytics data.

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